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Grégory Besson

Digital Industrialization expert - Serial entrepreneur - Innovation specialist


Let the journey begin!


2 years ago, while I was leading AdFab Connect, the development studio I've founded in 2011, I've developed an open source product in my spare time. This was a kind of a blog system. I wanted to create a Content Management System easier to use for children, easier to use for everybody actually...

We're 2 years later... And the history of Abe -  this product has a name - has gone crazy.

Abe has been adopted by renowned companies while I didn't even had finished its development. Because there was a need, because there IS is a need ! 

The need of a simple tool, poweful enough to make you create amazing content in a snap and broadcast it to all your communication channels.

A friend of mine says: "everybody will become a media".

Abe is here for that.

Embark with me for this journey: The next step for Abe - and me - is the beginning of The Refiners program: The incubator in San Francisco has invested in Abe, and we will make the planet of the Abe raise !

Go Go Go !


Abe is taking the plane to San Francisco